SONHA Sliding Auto-Door

SONHA Sliding Auto-Door

Smoothly running, quite, reliable, high pass rate, good sealing performance, energy saving, simple maintenance; widely used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, banks, financial institutions, shopping malls, hospitals and senior housing company.


Function Introduction

The control device of sliding automatic door contains basic function and extensive function, automatic operation/hold-open/lock/half-open to meet customer needs. Control device has multiple interfaces for choosing various connectors such as: safety beam photocell, electric lock, etc. Its drive devices adopt European technology to integrate motor with gear box, which offer strong driving and reliable operation and increase power output. It can adapt to a large door.


Wisdom controller receives the signal from door sensors (switches), give driven signal to the motor, the door is working. It is designed to face the whole world. It is no need to use transformer for changing supply power. There is safety interface for connecting safety sensor and e-lock for night locking.

Powerful drive motor

The powerful motor is small and DC power brushless, connection with quiet gear box to drive the belt wheel, there is self-protection part inside which ensure the motor can work for long time.


Good modular design offer very easy installation. Only need to fit all components into the guide rail and connect each part well, it can work after activating the power supply.


When the door is closing, if it meets a pedestrian or obstacle, the door leaf will reverse automatically, the door will open immediately, it prevent pinching events and door damaged, also improve the automatic door working life. If the electricity is failed, the door will stop moving. However, there is very little resistance, door leaf can be easily opened by hand.

The automatic sliding door controller can provide various operational modes to meet most sophisticated customer needs. The controller has multiple interfaces with optional accessories such as safety photocell, electric lock, card reader, etc. The European technology controller integrated with gear motor provides robust and reliable operation even for heavy door leaves.


Description SONHA Sliding Auto-Door
Door configuration Single leaf Double leaves
Maximum door weight 1 x 150kg 2 x 120kg
Door leaf width 700 – 1300mm 600 – 1200mm
Power voltage AC110V-220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption < 70W
Opening speed 200 – 450mm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed 200 – 450mm/s (adjustable)
Hold open time 0 – 9 s (adjustable)
Manual force < 40N < 50N
Sensor mode Various
Sliding noise ≤ 50Db
Environment temperature – 20 ~ +50oC



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