SONHA Swing Auto-Door

It is not only a beautiful appearance of the products, but strong, reliable and has a maximum safety coefficient. It is consistent with the existing safety standards, can program the force and speed according to the size of the door. When touch an obstacle the door will open again immediately. Next time when the door is closing, it will be slowly closing to detect whether the obstacle cleared or not.

SONHA Swing Auto-Door

Function Introduction

Driving devices work with low noise, reliable performance, safety bring living and working environment more convenience.

In case of meeting obstacle or personnel during operation, the door will be opened to reserve direction. Innovation in mechanical design offer effective installation.

With sensors, access control, safety beam protection interfaces, configurate electric lock, power output interface. It can realize the interlock function between door and door.




Description SONHA Swing Auto-Door
Door configuration Single leaf
Limited weight ≤ 1 x 100kg
Door leaf width ≤ 1200mm
Power voltage AC110V-220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Opening speed 250 – 450mm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed 250 – 450mm/s (adjustable)
Opening time 3 – 7 s (adjustable)
Hold open time 1 – 30 s (adjustable)
Manual force < 30N
Swinging noise ≤ 50Db
Environment temperature – 20 ~ +50oC


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